European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy

Du kan nu tilmelde dig European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy, som afholdes af European Pain Federation.

af Nicolas Mathiesen - 25.01.2019

"The purpose of the EDPP is to improve the standard of pain assessment and treatment through the provision of a qualification for physiotherapists that tests their broad understanding of all types of pain and their treatment.

The content of the Examination is based upon the European Pain Federation EFIC Curriculum for the European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy (‘the Curriculum’) and accompanying reading list.

The EDPP is open to all qualified physiotherapists who see and treat people with pain. Demonstrable possession of a Physiotherapy Degree or Diploma is required, as well as evidence of registration with your national authority or professional body to certify your status as a physiotherapist.

Appropriate clinical experience in pain assessment and treatment is essential. The EDPP is open to physiotherapists qualified to work in a hospital setting, assisting patients with rehabilitative efforts following illness or disease. Diplomas obtained via online or short-term courses are, in general, not acceptable."

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